Bad data & Robot Framework

Challenge Companies dispose of enormous amounts of data, ranging from operational data over financial data, to benchmarks, social media data, … This data is then transformed into comprehensive reports to inform strategic decision-making processes. To ensure the accuracy and reliability that is expected of these reports, we must first ensure that the data itself is […]


Does your data live in silo’s?

Challenge Companies collect enormous amounts of data over time going from operational data such as stock values, supplier data, orders,.. to financial data such as pricing, payments, bank statements, accounting,.. and even external information such as demographics, benchmarking data, social media,….Only a few legacy software companies supply an all-in-one package. These packages may give you […]


The goalposts keep moving

Challenge Usually, business stakeholders are no data experts. They are primarily interested in getting valuable insights out of data, upon which they can take the appropriate actions. As a result, it is difficult for stakeholders to know what is possible until an analyst shows them. Furthermore, they have no idea about the effort it requires […]


Bleckmann Cloud Data Platform

Bleckmann Bleckmann provides logistics solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands with a strong focus on e-commerce. These logistic solutions consist of multi-modal transport, customs services, omni-channel distribution, warehousing and added value services. In collaboration with their partners, they have 25 warehouses in four different countries on three different continents. To track and supply logistics services […]



Through the years, we have learned from implementations at various customers that setting up and maintaining a Snowflake environment can be time consuming and cumbersome. Especially in a fast growing environment with a lot of users, making sure every user has the correct privileges can quickly become very complex. Typically, this results in a lot of extensive […]


Snowflake Data Sharing

In the modern IT landscape data is more important than ever, yet when sharing data, we are still stuck using the same outdated methods. Because why are we still driving from place to place to swap out hard drives with a database dump on it? Some organizations and/or sectors wish to provide their business partners […]


Snowflake one year later

A little over a year ago DataSense started looking into Snowflake as a new focus for implementing a next generation cloud data platform. As a company, we at DataSense focus on using Data Vault 2.0 for data integration, data engineering, and data analytics solutions. Crucial for a good Data Vault 2.0 implementation is a powerful database capable of handling the loads […]

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