Power BI Update – Dynamic slicers

This summer, the new feature Field parameters became available in Power BI. This allowed end-users to dynamically change the measures and dimensions being analysed within a report.  It only supported scenarios where slicers or filter cards could control which fields would be used in different visuals.

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With the new update this month, you can now parameterise your slicers to support your dynamic filtering scenarios. To create a dynamic slicer using field parameters, you will need to start by adding a field parameter to a slicer.
Top 5 sales dynamic slicers example

In the example below, we have three slicers: a measure picker, a dimension picker and a dynamic slicer to filter the values. In this case, when you as a user, change the selected field for the dimension picker, the dynamic slicer will update as well and will show the values of the selected dimension.

Dynamic slicer example DataSense

Guideline to create a dynamic slicer using field parameter:

  1. Add a field parameter to a slicer. This will be the slicer that we will use as the field / dimension picker for the dynamic slicer
  2. Duplicate the slicer. This slicer will become the dynamic slicer used for filtering values
  3. Select the second slicer and go to the field input context menu (right- click menu) => Show values of the selected field
  4. You have your dynamic slicer!
Dynamic slicer example DataSense
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