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A unified platform with Databricks & dbt

Let’s talk about dbt (Data Build Tool) and Databricks. In our previous posts we have already talked about dbt and Databricks on their own, but what if we were to use these tools together? In this blog post, we’ll explore why the use of dbt and Databricks together is a great choice and will simplify […]


Empowering Collaboration: Unraveling the Potential of dbt Mesh

Scaling beyond limits dbt, or data build tool, has become the cornerstone for organizations managing data transformations. From young start-ups to large corporations, dbt serves as the centerpiece for orchestrating data workflows. However, as organizations grow, the challenge of coordinating multiple requirements within a single dbt project becomes apparent. The solution? dbt Mesh, a pattern […]


dbt Explorer

dbtLabs made several impressing new releases at the recent Coalesce 2023 conference. One of them is the dbt Explorer.  This functionality allows you to have a clear and visually pleasing overview of your different dbt projects, all elements within them and the different access levels. 


dbt – Core vs Cloud

In one of our previous blogposts we discussed one of the most vital tools in the modern data stack, dbt. Once you have chosen to use dbt there are two questions that remains, which version should I use and what is the difference between the two? In this blogpost we will dive into the differences […]