dbt – Core vs Cloud

In one of our previous blogposts we discussed one of the most vital tools in the modern data stack, DBT. Once you have chosen to use DBT there is one question that remains, which version should I use and what is the difference between the two? In this blogpost we will dive into the differences […]


Power BI Update – Clear all slicers

With this new feature, you are now able to remove all the filters you applied in just one click. You won’t waste time anymore with removing them one by one. // HOW The Clear all slicers button can be added in three ways: From the Optimize ribbon => Clear all slicers button From the insert […]


Power BI Update – Dynamic slicers

This summer, the new feature Field parameters became available in Power BI. This allowed end-users to dynamically change the measures and dimensions being analysed within a report.  It only supported scenarios where slicers or filter cards could control which fields would be used in different visuals. // HOW With the new update this month, you […]

Power BI Update October

Power BI Update – October

Since a few years, it was possible to use the function ‘Quick Measures’ to allow users to generate DAX instead of writing it by themself. It was a nice time-consuming function that helps a lot of Power BI developers. This month, Power BI came up with a new update based on creating measures. Quick Measure […]


Prefect – orchestration at its finest

Built on shortcomings and possible improvement of other tooling in the market, Prefect is an open-source workflow management tool designed to orchestrate data stacks. With Prefect you can build, run, and monitor many different pipelines at a certain schedule. // Why There are two main reasons why orchestration tools have emerged: In the past, different […]


Airbyte & dbt: the modern data stack

DBT and Airbyte complement each other perfectly. DBT enables analysts and engineers to easily and efficiently transform their data in their data warehouse environment, but the data first needs to be present in that environment. This is where Airbyte comes into the picture by enabling those same engineers and analysts to easily and reliably transfer data from their […]



Matillion ETL is a cloud ELT solution purpose-built with cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Azure Synapse and Google BigQuery in mind, with a separate custom version for each provider. The cloud native design with all data jobs running in your cloud environment offers maximum speed, scalability, and efficiency and is optimized for both resource and […]



At DataSense, we believe building a data platform always starts with a well-defined plan. Custom-built solutions tend to be difficult to maintain and are especially not future proof. Therefore, we like to work with an open standard, namely Data Vault 2.0. This standard combines methodology with a modelling approach and architectural guidelines. Automation In Data Vault 2.0, […]


Data Lineage as an asset to your data management

General Metadata management is the management of data about other data. It comprises, among other things, data modeling, data governance and metadata administration. In this piece, we will focus on data lineage, a key component in metadata management. Data lineage describes the complete data life cycle by providing insight in the data flow from start […]

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