Prefect – orchestration at its finest

Built on shortcomings and possible improvement of other tooling in the market, Prefect is an open-source workflow management tool designed to orchestrate data stacks. With Prefect you can build, run, and monitor many different pipelines at a certain schedule.   // WHY There are two main reasons why orchestration tools have emerged: In the past, […]


Airbyte & dbt: the modern data stack

  DBT and Airbyte complement each other perfectly. DBT enables analysts and engineers to easily and efficiently transform their data in their data warehouse environment, but the data first needs to be present in that environment. This is where Airbyte comes into the picture by enabling those same engineers and analysts to easily and reliably transfer data from […]



Matillion ETL is a cloud ELT solution purpose-built with cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Azure Synapse and Google BigQuery in mind, with a separate custom version for each provider. The cloud native design with all data jobs running in your cloud environment offers maximum speed, scalability, and efficiency and is optimized for both resource and […]


Bleckmann Cloud Data Platform

Bleckmann Bleckmann provides logistics solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands with a strong focus on e-commerce. These logistic solutions consist of multi-modal transport, customs services, omni-channel distribution, warehousing and added value services. In collaboration with their partners, they have 25 warehouses in four different countries on three different continents. To track and supply logistics services […]


Snowflake Data Sharing

In the modern IT landscape data is more important than ever, yet when sharing data, we are still stuck using the same outdated methods. Because why are we still driving from place to place to swap out hard drives with a database dump on it? Some organizations and/or sectors wish to provide their business partners […]


Snowflake one year later

A little over a year ago DataSense started looking into Snowflake as a new focus for implementing a next generation cloud data platform. As a company, we at DataSense focus on using Data Vault 2.0 for data integration, data engineering, and data analytics solutions. Crucial for a good Data Vault 2.0 implementation is a powerful database capable of handling the loads […]