// About us

Because your data makes sense

We are DataSense, a team of dedicated consultants specialized in end-to-end data solutions to unburden our clients. The variety of clients and projects give our team the opportunity to share their individual knowledge, which results in continuous growth for the consultants and DataSense. 

We strongly believe in combining a variety of talent, skills, experience and characteristics to form the perfect team for the project. 

// Our goal

Your partner in data

Our goal is to act as a partner in companies and to extract strategic added value from their data. We focus on A to Z projects where support, co-development and partnership are the key elements to success. We guide our clients in integrating all their data sources into one Data Hub, setting up a self-service BI environment and applying Data Analytics (including AI and Machine Learning). This enables our clients to make the switch to a data-driven organisation and make better and faster decisions.

The enormous diversity of clients and projects gives our employees the opportunity to share this individual knowledge. In this way, we expand our knowledge and new insights can be formed, which in turn help our customers progress.

Our fifth-year anniversary celebration
// Core values

What we stand for

Data is the new gold, but our employees are worth so much more. That is why we embrace our core values, which we all share and which help us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Communication is key

Everyone matters and leaves its mark. We therefore strongly encourage initiative and have no hierarchical structure so that open communication is the way to go.

Keep on learning

Developing everyone's talent is always encouraged and we are very proud of what our people have accomplished. By following training courses, obtaining recognized certificates and through our partnerships, our consultants stay up to date.

Sharing is caring

Teamwork makes the dream work. Our consultants are all in line with each other and help each other out when needed. Everyone has a certain expertise and to share these, we regularly organize knowledge transfers, which also contributes to their learning journey.

Innovation drives us

Innovation is what we stand for and what we want to help our clients with. It is very important as it helps our clients move forward and to make sure that work can be done as efficiently as possible.

Enjoy the journey

Besides the fact that our people give the best of themselves every day, it is also very important to do something fun from time to time. Therefore, we organize teambuildings or just some fun encounters to bring our people together and to strengthen the team spirit.

Let's turn your data into actionable insights