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A unified platform with Databricks & dbt

// INTRODUCTION Let’s talk about dbt (Data Build Tool) and Databricks. In our previous posts we have already talked about dbt and Databricks on their own, but what if we were to use these tools together? In this blog post, we’ll explore why the use of dbt and Databricks together is a great choice and […]

The governance solution of Databricks

Unified governance solution with Databricks Unity Catalog

Databricks Unity Catalog is a pioneering unified governance tool designed for managing data and AI on the Lakehouse. Unity Catalog is Databricks’ answer to Data Governance challenges. It assists organizations in maintaining control over all data assets, managing data access, ensuring data quality, and the lineage. // WHAT Databricks Unity Catalog offers the following capabilities: […]


Databricks Notebooks

Notebooks are widely used in data science and machine learning to develop code and present the results. Databricks notebooks facilitate real-time collaboration with colleagues, creating data science and machine learning workflows in multiple languages with built-in data visualizations. // WHAT The various possibilities that Databricks notebooks can be used for: Developing code using Python, SQL, […]