Matillion ETL is a cloud ELT solution purpose-built with cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Azure Synapse and Google BigQuery in mind, with a separate custom version for each provider. The cloud native design with all data jobs running in your cloud environment offers maximum speed, scalability, and efficiency and is optimized for both resource and economic consumption.



Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a data integration methodology that extracts raw data from source systems, transforms that data on its own processing server and then loads the transformed data to a designated target data warehouse environment. With this approach there is no option to leverage the scalable compute power offered by modern cloud data warehouse solutions.

The ELT approach offers a different methodology where raw data doesn’t have to be transformed before moving and is instead moved to a staging area inside the data warehouse environment. Instead of transforming the data on a secondary server, the compute offered by cloud solutions can be used to transform the data once it has already been moved.

While the Matillion’s naming implies that it’s an ETL tool, Matillion is in fact an ELT solution. Following the ELT methodology, Matillion first extracts and loads the data to the target data warehouse. SQL transformations will then be pushed down to that platform to transform the data.

Low-code visual interface

Matillion provides an all-in-one visual interface for developing, monitoring and scheduling data pipelines. Visual pipeline design is implemented through an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This provides users the ability to quickly develop complex data transformation pipelines and the flexibility to dive deeper into components whenever more customized logic is needed.

The application ships with an extensive inventory of pre-built, out-of-the-box connectors for most popular applications and databases for extracting and loading the data. Orchestration and transformation components can then be used to implement whatever functionality is needed. Matillion’s visual logic makes it easy for teams to collaborate on projects due to the self-documenting nature of modular pipeline design.

Matillion at DataSense

Here at DataSense we implemented Matillion in combination with VaultSpeed Data Vault Automation at one of our clients. In this use case Matillion takes care of the ETL and orchestration of the Data Vault 2.0 loads. 

They recently became technology partners which conducts in a smoother and more beneficial end-to-end solution for you. 

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Keep an eye out for a future blogpost about the new Matillion CDC product.

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