// Challenges

The goalposts keep moving

// Challenge

Usually, business stakeholders are no data experts. They are primarily interested in getting insights out of data, upon which they can take the appropriate actions. As a result, it is difficult for stakeholders to know what is possible until an analyst shows them. Furthermore, they have no idea about the effort it requires to deliver valuable insights.

In today’s fast changing market, it is rather impossible for business stakeholders to define clear and feasible goals upfront. Also, when an opportunity presents itself, the company needs to explore and act on it faster than its competitors.

Consequently, requirements often come in very late with tight deadlines. Even when the analytics team is finally able to deliver the required insights, the objectives might have already changed, or it is not entirely how business expected it to be.

// Our solution

Multiple Speed Approach

We have developed an agile methodology with a “multiple speed approach”. This approach allows us to divide a Data Hub in two main parts. The first part is the integration of all data source systems, while the second part will be for the consumption of the data for analytics and applications.

Let's turn your data into actionable insights

// The other challenges


You now know more about the challenge outlined above, but we have identified five other challenges that are also lurking when working with data, either before starting a data project or during its implementation. 

The requirements and criteria of your project or business environment are likely to change as you gain insights along the way. Flexible, open data modelling is key.

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Data usually doesn’t reside in one and the same place. Connecting the internal and external sources and extracting what you need is what we do – and excel at.

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Data comes in many shapes and languages, depending on the source. We make sure your data is translated in a common format to enable further processing.

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The quality of your report is as good as your worst data. Our methodology enables you to pinpoint the weakest link and take corrective action to eliminate duplicates and errors.

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What is done manually, opens the gates to human errors, which replicates throughout your systems. Automated reports save precious resources and avoid mistakes.

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Even if you change just one domino, the result has great repercussions further down the line. Our systems’ flow management makes your job easier and safer.

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