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Bad data ruins good reports

// Challenge

Companies dispose of enormous amounts of data, ranging from operational data over financial data, to benchmarks, social media data, … This data is then transformed into comprehensive reports to inform strategic decision-making processes. To ensure the accuracy and reliability that is expected of these reports, we must first ensure that the data itself is correct, complete, and in the right format. 

Equally paramount is the freshness of the data in the report. It should always be as recent as possible concerning the requirements. Failing data pipelines most definitely impact the freshness and therefore usability and credibility of the data in the report.

However, in reality, the integrated data in many data warehouses is of bad quality. This is mainly due to release problems as a consequence of poor quality of deliver, corrupt data, … The result is that the data becomes unusable. Data errors that find their way through the pipeline can harm the credibility of the data analytics report and negatively impact fast and correct decision making. It may even result in financial losses.

// Our solution

Automated Testing

An automated testing approach is preferable to a manual one, since it is much more time-efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, this approach ensures a quick testing process, allowing for a timely detection of poor quality of the data warehouse. 

We have build an automated testing framework and approach based on the the open source Robot Framework. 

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// The other challenges


You now know more about the challenge outlined above, but we have identified five other challenges that are also lurking when working with data, either before starting a data project or during its implementation. 

The requirements and criteria of your project or business environment are likely to change as you gain insights along the way. Flexible, open data modelling is key.

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Data usually doesn’t reside in one and the same place. Connecting the internal and external sources and extracting what you need is what we do – and excel at.

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Data comes in many shapes and languages, depending on the source. We make sure your data is translated in a common format to enable further processing.

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The quality of your report is as good as your worst data. Our methodology enables you to pinpoint the weakest link and take corrective action to eliminate duplicates and errors.

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What is done manually, opens the gates to human errors, which replicates throughout your systems. Automated reports save precious resources and avoid mistakes.

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Even if you change just one domino, the result has great repercussions further down the line. Our systems’ flow management makes your job easier and safer.

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