Let's turn your data into actionable insights

In today’s world, data is plentiful. The challenge lies not so much in collecting, but rather in shaping and integrating data so it provides strategic insights.

Connecting the various sources on a central platform, creating a common language and making your data talk or even predict: that is what we do at DataSense.

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Unlock the true potential of your data

Organizations are overwhelmed with internal and external data on a daily basis. With the increasing digitalization, number of applications and endless possibilities comes a pressure to keep your focus and remember what really matters. 

The challenge is to find a communication line between departments, application, countries and find what connects them to create synergies. That is why it is business-critical to integrate and more specifically structure your data so it can be turned into actionable business intelligence.

Let your data empower you

Data can be seen as the gold mine of an organization. If you only know how to dig deep enough and find your way through the maze, you can achieve greatness. We bring the different stakeholders of a company together to capture business requirements and find the power that is sometimes hidden in your data.

Automation gives you the competitive edge

The open, proven and standardized methodology, Data Vault 2.0, can be automated to save precious time and resources. This allows you to focus on what really matters; delivering insights and (predictive) analytics to create business value.

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DataSense’s solutions rely on a reference architecture with automation, agility, traceability and auditability at its heart. It all starts with determining the right data strategy.

Data Strategy
Align stakeholders, map business needs and available data in and outside an organization to find the perfect solution.
Data Architecture
Combine data from different data sources into one unified data hub using automation.
Data Engineering
Combine data from different data sources into one unified data hub using automation.
Analytics Engineering
Data Quality
Check whether the project matches expected requirements and ensure that there are no defects. Pinpoint errors or any missing requirements.
Data Visualization
Interactive applications and dashboards to facilitate the exploration and interaction with the data.
Create the intelligence your business requires by leveraging the results of the data pipeline processes.
Manage the entire ML lifecycle, including data preparation, model training, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance with MLOps.
Intensive training for both our and your employees to ensure they master the necessary skills and methodologies.

Let's turn your data into actionable insights

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We have identified some challenges that are always lurking when working with data, either before starting a data project or during its implementation. Usually, these challenges can be categorised in 6 different topics.

The requirements and criteria of your project or business environment are likely to change as you gain insights along the way. Flexible, open data modelling is key.

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Data usually doesn’t reside in one and the same place. Connecting the internal and external sources and extracting what you need is what we do – and excel at.

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Data comes in many shapes and languages, depending on the source. We make sure your data is translated in a common format to enable further processing.

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The quality of your report is as good as your worst data. Our methodology enables you to pinpoint the weakest link and take corrective action to eliminate duplicates and errors.

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What is done manually, opens the gates to human errors, which replicates throughout your systems. Automated reports save precious resources and avoid mistakes.

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Even if you change just one domino, the result has great repercussions further down the line. Our systems’ flow management makes your job easier and safer.

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