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Talend Data Integration Platform is a tool with extensive data integration functionalities.
Users can develop Talend jobs visually (drag and drop) without extensive SQL knowledge. A Talend job is a type of workflow in which data undergoes certain transformations. Both ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) are supported. Within our reference architecture, Talend ensures the migration of the data to the data lake, the loading of the data warehouse and the development of the Business Vault and extras to third parties.

Talend job script generation

The Vaultspeed Data Vault Automation tool is able to generate Talend job script (ELT) for loading the Raw Data Vault and part of the Business Data Vault. Talend job script can be loaded into Talend, where it will result in Talend jobs. The image below shows an example of a Talend job, generated by Vaultspeed, for loading a Data Vault HUB table.

Talend can be set up entirely in the cloud via Talend Cloud. This solution is hybrid in the sense that the customer has to take care of the hosting (on-prem or in the cloud) of the remote engines. These remote engines perform the Talend jobs. As a result, the data (in case of ETL) will never be transferred to the Talend Cloud.

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