// Data Warehouse Automation


Data warehouse automation gives an answer to structural and scaling problems that are common to initial data warehouse projects. Raise your return on investment by delivering intermediary results and makes re-engineering possible during the course of the project.    

// Automate to Accelerate


When all sources need to be modelled and thus defined, there is no possibility to deliver any kind of result until the end of the project. Management or in general sponsors are not able to grasp the result of their significant investment and will lose interest. This will also lead to unscalable Data Vault 2.0 models that no longer meet the changed requirements of the company, and indirectly the stakeholders.  

However, Data Vault 2.0 is a data modelling technique which is based on the agile methodology. The model consists of a Raw Data Vault and a Business Vault model. By applying business rules on the date of the source systems, the Raw Data Vault can be automated and represents a single point of facts. From these facts, the Business Vault can represent many truths, depending on the business user’s choice.  

In the business vault all the data gets altered and filtered until it reaches the shape required to form any kind of visualization.

We are specialized in Data Warehouse Automation and therefore we have a solid partnership with Vaultspeed.
Vaultspeed is a SAAS Data Vault 2.0 automation tool based on years of experience in integrating data by using Data Vault 2.0.
Vaultspeed generates the datamodel (=DDL) and ELT for the RAW Data Vault Layer + PIT and BRIDGE tables.
By using the Vaultspeed Data Automation Tool you will save 40% of your overall project cost.


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