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What is HVR?

HVR is a Real-Time Data Replication Software Solution for the enterprise. HVR is designed to integrate large volumes of data FAST and efficiently from systems such as Oracle, SAP, SQL Server to AWS, Snowflake, Azure, Pivotal Greenplum and more. HVR’s scalable solution gives you everything you need for efficient data replication from beginning to end so that you can readily revolutionize your business for the modern world.

Faster decisions

Make decisions quicker based on more current and more accurate, transactionally consistent data.

Fast delivery of accurate data

Eliminate the batch window that requires the source database and the data warehouse to be dormant during the load. Data can always be accurate and up-to-date.

Optimized processing

Get the opportunity to make optimum use of the powerful data warehouse database by running transformations in the database rather than in a separate run-time environment.

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