Our mission is simple: equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to master the Databricks platform independently and effectively.

Discover Databricks

Embark on a journey into the heart of Databricks. Uncover its vast capabilities and real-world applications in our foundational training. From understanding its core functions to exploring its diverse uses, you’ll gain a solid grasp of what Databricks has to offer.

Dive Deeper with Databricks Advanced

Ready to take your Databricks expertise to the next level? Our advanced training is designed to elevate your skills and knowledge. Delve into the intricacies of data lakehouse architecture, master the art of data modeling, and harness the full potential of PySpark and advanced SQL. With a focus on best practices and advanced techniques, you’ll emerge equipped to tackle any challenge with confidence.o.

Databricks basic
  • Introduction to Databricks
  • Data Import and Exploration
  • Data Processing
  • Visualization
Databricks advanced
  • Data Lakehouse and Architecture
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Layers (Medallion Architecture)
  • Data Modeling
  • PySpark and Advanced SQL
  • Workflows and Orchestration
Tailored to your organization's needs

Our standard Databricks training (basic & advanced) is off the shelf available. However, we offer the option to tailor our training to your company needs, maturity, set-up and data. 

This customized training benefits the adaption of your data team when implementing a Databricks architecture. The onboarding process of new team members can be accelerated by introducing them to real use cases, data and best practices of your organization.