Why choose Snowflake?

With its unique architecture, built for the cloud, we at DataSense believe Snowflake has endless potential as a cloud data platform. 

Some of the main advantages are scalability, data sharing and zero management but moreover they apply a pay for what you use cost model which reduces your overall cost significantly.

They have achieved to change people’s view on classic data warehousing by diversifying against other cloud data platforms and delivering speed and efficiency as promised. Unlike legacy platforms there is no vendor lock in with Snowflake because of their multiple connectors with different ETL/ELT tools and cloud independency that allows you to build the data warehouse on any cloud platform (Azure, AWS and Google).


  1. Designed for the cloud with a unique architecture

    Snowflake is the only platform that is originally built for the cloud, unlike others where platforms are based on on-premise solutions. The design had a unique architecture for optimal cloud and data warehousing workloads.
    Storage, compute and cloud services are all disconnected and independently scalable. This means that Snowflake offers a linear scalability and speed for any query.

  2. Data sharing

    Snowflake makes sharing data between Snowflake account easy, fast and simple with Secure Data Sharing. Databases, schemes and tables (unto record level) are sharable with other Snowflake accounts without moving or copying the data, and so eliminating costs, delays and headaches. The receiving account only has to import the data. This provides other users with synchronized up to date data without enhancing the volume of storage and therefore, giving them immediate insights and additional business value
    Data sharing works in both ways, so third party data can give your company more insight as well.

    This feature allows you to improve collaboration with other departments, subsidiaries or other operating groups. But also, externally with other business partners, suppliers and customers. You can grant and revoke access to whomever you like, track their usage and implement secure data controls.

    Secure Data Sharing lead to two options for compute costs
    Third party users will bear the cost themselves if they have their own Snowflake account
    If they do not have a Snowflake account, you can provide them with a reader account. This gives them read-only access and allows them to migrate the information needed. Costs will be billed to the account they are connected to.

    The data of your choice will be set up on the sharing platform through a share and then it is made available to a third party or choice. The advantages of this feature are:
    No tools are needed to migrate data between any given party
    All data is up to date, at any given time.
    Data is not transferred or copied and there are no delays on availability.

  3. No infrastructure & Zero management
  4. Speed and automatic scalability
  5. Automatic compression and micro partitioning
  6. Structured and semi-structured data
  7. Pay for what you use
  8. Cloud independent

With Snowflake, you can concentrate on solving business problems rather than managing your data warehouse.
Snowflake is a zero-management data warehouse-as-a-service. 

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