Because your data makes sense

There is no way around the evolution of data sources in organizations. For every aspect of a company’s operations, there is a new application or software that provides all sorts of added value.
However, these systems are not always made to co-exist. Considering the data that an organization collects over time can be seen as the foundation of it’s existence, it is utterly important to stabilize and structure it.

Why we are unique

We integrate all data sources inside and outside of your organization  on a fast and agile manner by applying an open standard (=Data Vault 2.0) and guided automation instead of losing time in developing the data integration process manually.

By gaining time in the data integration process we can spend our time in delivering insights into the integrated data layer by applying data engineering and data analytics.

Super Efficient

Deliver fast results by applying automation.

Deeply Committed

We transform your data into business value.

Highly Skilled

DataSense Consultants are well trained and high skilled people.

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